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Still and moving images

Partnership for conservation

All our fabulous images come from the WWF Global Photo Network which is only made possible by the continued support of our contributing photographers. Thanks to their dedication and creativity we now have over 100,000 images that provide an invaluable record of the state of the planet and bring our work to life.

Images enable conservation

Good conservation work needs both knowledge and inspiration.
Both of which we get by looking closely at the wonders of our one and only planet.

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Camera traps

Camera traps, hidden in some of the world's most remote and inaccessible locations, are activated by an infrared sensor when body heat or movement from an animal is detected. But how exactly do we use them for conservation?

Based on the photos and video taken, we are able to uncover invaluable information about rare species and their habitat, which we can use to ensure that they are effectively protected.

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, for example, camera traps are used to help create a map of tiger territory. Thus providing crucial information for land-use decisions, such as what forests most need to be protected from logging.

Cameras tend to capture the unexpected! Day and night they provide a glimpse into a previously unseen world of some of the most endangered species on Earth.


Our world is simply AMAZING


Conservation stories from far and near

  • Papua New Guinea
    8 January 2015

    People of the Wind Nation

  • Australia
    20 September 2014

    Better choices at the Great Barrier Reef

  • Chile
    19 September 2014

    A 'dignified man' struggles against black market fishing

  • Malaysia
    5 Septembers 2014

    Rich with good intentions

  • The Philippines
    18 July 2014

    A hunt for marine treasure

  • Mozambique
    8 July 2014

    Crafting a new kind of marine sanctuary


You are part of the solution

These stunning images provide knowledge, inspiration and allow us to bring to life our work to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Without the generous contributions of our community this just wouldn’t be possible – partner with us today by donating to our work.

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